Poland, Malopolskie Voivodeship, Oświęcim County, Zator, and in its heart the Western Camp resort with the charmingly located Bonanza Restaurant. In the bosom of nature, among the buzz of wood and twitter of birds, you will find the opportunity to get away from everyday responsibilities. Restaurant Bonanza is a unique place where tradition is intertwined with modernity. Glazed walls in combination with a wooden interior give the place a peculiar character. Every day, the chef and his crew follow the routes of the culinary art to present its effects on your plate in an original way. A properly prepared team with a smile will take care of every detail during a visit to Bonanza. More than 200 seats are arranged between the main and small rooms inside and a climatic terrace. Guests can also take advantage of our bar offer a little bit of relaxation in its interior or on the sun loungers in front of the restaurant.



1. Pepsi / Mirinda / 7UP / Schweppes – (200 ml) – 6,-

2. Lipton Ice Tea (Peach/Limon/Green Tea) – (200 ml) – 6,-

3. Juice (orange/grapefruit/apple/black currant) – (200 ml) – 6,-

4. Freshly squeezed juice (orange/grapefruit) – (300 ml) – 13,-

5. Homemade lemonade (classic/seasonal (ask your server for available flavours) – (300 ml) – 13,-

6. Energydrink 2000 – (250 ml) – 8,-

7. Bonanza water a (still/sparkling) – (700 ml) – 9,-

8. Kinga Pienińska water (still/sparkling) – (330/700 ml) – 8/11,-

1. Lipton tea (black, earl grey, mint, green, fruit) – 7,-

2. Espresso – 7,-

3. Espresso doppio – 9,-

4. Americano – 9,-

5. Flat white – 10,-

6. Cappuccino – 10,-

7. Latte Macchiato – 11,-

8. Irish Coffee – 18,-

9. Frappe – 12,-

10. Ice coffee vanilla ice cream, whipped cream – 16,-

11. With head in the clouds black or white coffee / cotton candy – 15,-

1. Mimosa (prosecco, freshly squeezed orange juice) – 13,-

2. Mojito ((bacardi carta blanca, sparkling water, sugar syrup, lime, mint) – 18,-

3. Margarita (tequila sierra silver, cointreau, sugar syrup, lime juice) – 24,-

4. Whisky sour (ballantine’s, egg white, sugar syrup, lime juice) – 21,-

5. Old fashioned (wild turkey, angostura bitter, sugar syrup, orange peel) – 22,-

6. Espresso martini (wyborowa vodka, kahlua, espresso, sugar syrup) – 21,-


1. Kozel (0,3/0,5 l) – 9/12,-

BOTTELED CRAFT BEER (Browar Tenczynek):

1. Wheat beer (0,5l) – 15,-
2. Dark, strong beer (0,5l) – 15,-
3. Red IPA (0,5l) – 13,-

1. Aperol spritz (aperol, prosecco, sparkling water, orange) – 16,-

2. Ogórkowy spritz (bombay sapphire, prosecco, sparkling water, cucumber) – 19,-

3. Wiśniowy spritz (cherry vodka, prosecco, sparkling water, cherries) – 19,-


1. Wyborowa (40 ml) – 9,-
2. Finlandia (40 ml) – 10,-
3. Absolut (40 ml) – 11,-
4. Baczewski (40 ml) – 12,-
5. Żubrówka (40 ml) – 9,-
6. Soplica wiśniowa (40 ml) – 9,-
7. Soplica orzech laskowy (40 ml) – 9,-


1. Bombay sapphire (40 ml) – 16,-
2. Hendrick’s (40 ml) – 23,-


1. Sierra silver (40 ml) – 13,-
2. Sierra reposado (40 ml) – 13,-


1. Ballantine’s (40 ml) – 12,-
2. Grant’s 12Yo (40 ml) – 21,-
3. Johnnie Walker Black (40 ml) – 17,-
4. Johnnie Walker Blue (40 ml) – 85,-
5. Jameson (40 ml) – 14,-
6. Jack Daniel’s (40 ml) – 14,-
7. Jack Daniel’s Honey (40 ml) – 16,-
8. Wild Turkey (40 ml) – 14,-
9. Wild Turkey Honey (40 ml) – 16,-


1. Metaxa 12* (40 ml) – 22,-
2. Hennessy VS (40 ml) – 24,-


1. Advocat (40 ml) – 8,-
2. Bailey’s (40 ml) – 13,-
3. Kahlua (40 ml) – 14,-
4. Malibu (40 ml) – 12,-
5. Cointreau (40 ml) – 16,-
6. Jagermeister (40 ml) – 13,-


1. Martini Bianco (40 ml) – 12,-
2. Martini Extra Dry (40 ml) – 12,-
3. Martini Rosso (40 ml) – 12,-

Hot chocolate:

1. Dessert-milk
+ whipped cream – 15,-
+ marshmallows – 15,-
+ bailey’s – 20,-
+ raspberry marmalade – 13,-
2. White
+ raspberry marmalade – 13,-

Winter teas:

1. Black tea with orange and raspberry juice – 15,-
2. Green tea with pear and rosemary – 15,-

Mulled beer with homemade ginger syrup and cranberry – 18,-

Mulled wine – 20,zł
– Red with orange and spices
-white with rum, orange juice and spices


VINO FRIZZANTE ITALY, sparkling semi-dry, Glass (100ml) – 10,-
Producer: San Venanzio Fortunato
Grape variety: Glera (Prosecco) 100%

Delicious, very refreshing sparkling, semi-dry wine with the scents of pears and acacia flowers, excellent for any occasion and time of the day, having a complex, harmonious, elegant and fresh taste of Glera grape.

VINA CANAL BLANCO – Spain, dry – Glass (100ml)/Bottle (650ml) – 12/65,-
Producer: Bodega Esteban Martin
Appellation/Region: Carinena D.O.
Grape varieties: Chardonnay 50%, Macabeo 50%

Straw-coloured wine, full of floral and tropical fruits aromas – mainly peaches and pineapples, fresh, light and pleasant in taste with great balanced acidity and nice finish.

VINA CANAL TINTO – Spain, red semi-dry, Glass (100ml)/Bottle (650ml) – 12/65,-
Producer: Bodega Esteban Martin
Appellation/Region: Carinena D.O.
Grape varieties: Garnacha 50%, Syrah 50%

Light-ruby coloured wine, full of intense red fruits aromas – mainly cherries, raspberries and redcurrants, very fresh and balanced in taste with sweet tannins and smooth finish.

CAVA D.O. BRUT NATURE “NU ALLONGE” Spain, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 95,-
Producer: Finca Emendis
Appellation/Region: Cava D.O. (Catalunya)
Grape varieties: Xarello 50%, Macabeo 25%, Parellada 25%

Excellent, crisp and elegant dry Spanish wine, made using traditional method of natural fermentation, lively and balanced in the mouth, distinct and aromatic, well-concentrated with detectable nuts and yeasts in the end

CHAMPAGNE A.O.C. TRADITION BRUT “JACKOWIAK – RONDEAU” France, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 360,-
Producer: S.C.E.V. Jackowiak-Herault
Appellation/Region: Champagne A.O.C
Grape varieties: Pinot Meunier 55%, Pinot Noir 30%, Chardonnay 15%

Original, dry Champagne with Polish emblem on the label, straw-coloured, very elegant, delicate and harmoniously built with perfect acidity and fruity character, expressive citrus fragrance, mineral, refreshing taste and long-lasting finish

Polish wines were made in the boutique Winery Avra with an area of 1.12 ha located 225 m a.s.l., on loamy-sandy soil with streams of natural sulfuric waters. The vineyard surrounded by orchards is located near Szydłów, about 50 km south-east of Kielce. Created since 2012 using a traditional method of production, and also a great wine passion of the owners of Elżbieta and Tomasz Woźniak, the wines embody the atmosphere of the Świętokrzyskie region. Winemakers are guided by the principles of a sustainable economy. They do most of the work, including selection of grapes and collections, by hand. As a result, they obtain healthy, ripe fruit, which allows the production of high-quality wine using only natural methods of vinification.

SANT MARTI Poland, white semi-dry, Bottle (750ml) – 150,-
Producer: Winnica Avra
Appellation/Region: Szydłów – Świętokrzyskie
Grape varieties: Seyval Blanc 100%

Wine with golden color, aromas of citrus and kiwi fruit that add briskness, harmonious fresh taste, well balanced – high acidity balances the sweetness of residual sugar, which in almost chilled wine is almost imperceptible.

RED WEED Poland, red dry, Bottle (750ml) – 170,-
Producer: Winnica Avra
Appellation/Region: Szydłów – Świętokrzyskie
Grape varieties: Regent 70%, Rondo 30%

Wine with an intense, purple color, noticeable aromas of cherry and smoked plum, harmonious, pleasant and balanced, aged 12 months in a used oak barrel, its light acidity adds freshness, and a fairly high alcohol level gives a feeling of sweetness.

PINOT GRIGIO VENETO I.G.T. “RONCOLATO” Italy, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 95,- Producer: Cantina Roncolato
Appellation/Region: Veneto I.G.T.
Grape varieties: Pinot Grigio 100%

A wine with straw shade, rich aromas of pear, banana and acacia, having a good complex structure, with crisp and elegant, slightly mineral, fruity taste.

GRUNER VELTLINER “WALDSCHUTZ” Austria, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 105,-
Producer: Weingut Waldschutz Anton & Elfriede
Appellation/Region: Wagram
Grape varieties: Grüner Veltliner 100%

Classic, refreshing Grüner Veltliner presents delicate spicy taste and pugnacious acidity, it’s rich in scents of green fruits, interesting tobacco aromas and characteristic for the grape notes of black pepper, finished by mineral aftertaste.

SAUVIGNON BLANC “TAHUNA” New Zealand, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 110,-
Producer: Sileni Estates
Appellation/Region: Marlborough
Grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Classic, perfect balanced, refreshing wine with complex notes of gooseberry, lemongrass, passion fruits, grapefruit and ripe citrus fruits, having distinct, crisp and long lasting finish.

VINHO VERDE ROSE “CONDE VILLAR” Portugal, semi-dry, Bottle (750ml) – 80,-
Producer: Quinta das Arcas
Appellation/Region: Vinho Verde D.O.C.
Grape varieties: Espadeiro, Touriga Nacional

Great expression of rare Espadeiro variety presents lively, raspberry colour wine, in nose strongly fruity with ripe red fruits aromas, on the palate delicate, smoothly mineral, very fruity, easy drinking with light acidity and tiny bubbles in the mouth.

VALPOLICELLA CLASSICO D.O.C. “SANTA BARBARA” Italy, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 120,-
Producer: Cantina Roncolato
Appellation/Region: Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.
Grape varieties: Corvina 40%, Corvinone 30%, Rondinella 30%
Ageing: in stainless steel tanks

Dry, but light body wine with dark-ruby colour, fruity explosion in the nose – mainly cherries, redcurrants and apricots aromas, in the mouth ample, delicate seasoning with soft tannins, perfectly balanced between typical for Valpolicella acidity and strong fruity character.

PRIMITIVO PUGLIA I.G.T. “PASSONOVO” Italy, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 110,-
Producer: Azienda Agricola Giuliani
Appellation/Region: Puglia I.G.T.
Grape varieties: Primitivo 100%
Ageing: 6 months in French oak barrels (barrique type 225 l.)

Dark red, ample, full-body wine from the Primitivo grape having a complex, powerful and elegant scent of dark fruits jam, well-built, rich raisins-cherry flavour with a touch of intensive tannins.

PINOT NOIR “TAHUNA” Nowa Zealand, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 125,-
Producer: Sileni Estates
Appellation/Region: Hawke’s Bay
Grape varieties: Pinot Noir 100%
Ageing: in stainless steel tanks

Extremely delicate, perfectly balanced dry wine with light-red colour, expressive cherries and bilberry aromas in the nose and soft tannins, enriched by fruity character on the palate.

MALBEC “LA PUERTA ALTA” Argentina, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 120,-
Producer: Valle la Puerta
Appellation/Region: Famatina Valley – La Rioja
Grape varieties: Malbec 100%
Ageing: 3 months in American oak barrels

Argentinian Malbec having exciting red colour, pleasant aromas of red, baked fruits enriched by spices, balanced taste reminiscents plums marmalade with outstanding, sweet tannins in the end.

SHIRAZ “P” Australia, dry, Bottle (750ml) – 110,-
Producer: Patritti
Appellation/Region: Riverland (South Australia)
Grape varieties: Shiraz 100%
Ageing: in stainless steel tanks

Classic, deep-red colour Australian Shiraz with strong aromas of black fruits like blackberries, raspberries, black currants and plums enriched by delicate notes of white pepper and dried herbs, in taste rich, ample and round with great fruity structure and little spicy finish.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON “MORADA VINEYARDS” U.S.A., drye, Bottle (750ml) – 125,-
Producer: Morada Vineyards
Appellation/Region: Lodi Valley – California
Grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon 85%, Merlot 15%
Ageing: 12 months in American oak barrels

Ample, elegant, dark colour wine full of black currant, blackberry and plums aromas, on the background scents of vanilla, cedar and cacao, in the palate earthy, spicy with intensive taste of clove and pepper, finished by the smooth, long-lasting finish.

OLD VINE ZINFANDEL “MORADA VINEYARDS” U.S.A., dry, Bottle (750ml) – 125,-
Producer: Morada Vineyards
Appellation/Region: Lodi Valley – California
Grape varieties: Zinfandel 100%
Ageing: 12 months in American oak barrels

Californian star – easy drinking Zinfandel from Lodi region represents deep-red colour, strong aromas of candied raspberries and strawberries enriched by dark fruits scents like blackberries, bird cherries and vanilla, in taste complex, ample and long with soft tannins and perfect balanced acidity.

TOKAJI SZAMORODNY SWEET “MESSZELATO” Hungary, white sweet, Bottle (500ml) – 130,-
Producer: Chateau Dereszla
Appellation/Region: Tokaji
Grape varieties: Furmint 100%
Ageing: 24 months in Hungarian oak barrels

Uniquely pure, fruity, lively and balanced wine with high content of natural, residual sugar which come from the grapes affected by precious mould, in the nose and on the palate distinctly perceptible scents of Italian nuts, oranges, figs, dates, cantaloupe melon, vanilla and oak-wood.



  • The Bonanza Restaurant is a perfect place to organize conferences and business meetings.. Bonanza will provide a special character to Christmas company meetings. At your disposal we provide multimedia equipment – projector, screen and microphone with access to the sound system.


  • We offer the possibility of organizing lunches and dinners among relatives and other special events.





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